Real Estate

What is real estate law? Real estate litigation can involve numerous, unique legal issues and challenges; therefore it is critical to have a real estate litigation attorney with experience and keen knowledge of real estate laws in Missouri and Kansas to identify key issues and effectively address them. Harrah Law represents clients on both sides of the disputes in commercial and residential matters – providing comprehensive insights of how opposing counsel will approach a case. The team of Kansas City, Missouri lawyers uses this experience to evaluate both perspectives in a case, analyze and identify opportunities and risks, and determine the best path forward through final resolution.

Our real estate attorneys represent clients ranging from developers and builders to owners, landlords, commercial tenants, real estate investors, real estate management companies, lenders, and contractors; and regularly handles disputes involving:

  • Contract issues/breach of contract
  • Failure to disclose a problem or defect
  • Real Estate sales and disputes
  • Residential and commercial sales contracts
  • Contract and payment defaults
  • Negotiation of purchase agreements
  • Quiet title issues
  • Property line disputes
  • Real estate fraud
  • Partnership and other ownership issues
  • Eviction
  • Foreclosure of mortgages and liens

Clients appreciate Harrah Law's real estate litigation lawyers' understanding of local and state real estate laws and regulations, as well as experience in construction law, a complement to its real estate law advice and practice. 

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