Broc Exposito

Associate Attorney

Associate Attorney Broc Exposito's approach to litigation relies on a strong courtroom presence backed by bulletproof legal writing. A lawyer is a storyteller, and Broc has dedicated a lifetime to the artform. From his early study of filmmaking, journalism and politics, Broc borrows principles of persuasive messaging to practice law with purpose. With a deep respect for the lessons of history, Broc fosters a holistic view of the law and society which helps him to navigate the legal system deliberately and effectively.

Prior to joining Harrah Law, Broc handled criminal and traffic matters across the Kansas City metro area, netting valuable experience on his feet and taking on tough cases against improbable odds. His proven track record of success at every stage of the litigation process speaks to his ferocity as an advocate, but above all else, Broc values experiencing life as an open-minded and conscientious person.

Broc earned his J.D. from Washington University in Saint Louis, and a B.A. in Political Communications from the George Washington University. Broc is an avid golfer and guitarist.

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